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David Alexander

Admission as a Barrister:

2 August



9 August



25 August



31 July




Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Sydney University


Diploma Education (Hons)

Mitchell CAE


Bachelor of Laws (Distinction average)

University of NSW


Practical Legal Training

College of Law


Mediation course



Areas of Practice

Areas of work include Family Law, Criminal Law and Commercial Law.

In the area of family law, I accept briefs for both parties and the independent children’s lawyer. I appear in matters involving property (for both married and de facto relationships), children, Hague Convention applications, Family Provision Act applications and wills.

In the area of criminal law, I have appeared in trials in the District Court and Local Court hearings for the accused/defendant in domestic violence, traffic, drug and personal violence offences. I have appeared in many AVO proceedings.

In the area of commercial law I appear in local and industrial courts in relation to unfair dismissal, debt recovery matters, and a variety of (generally) personal, commercial causes.

Professional experience before coming to the NSW Bar


Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (Perth)

Manager Proceeds of Crime unit (1990-91)
Senior Corporate Prosecutor (1991-1994)

As the titles suggest, I was first recruited to Western Australia to fill a hole in the Proceeds of Crime unit, restraining and seeking the confiscation of assets or the forfeiture of property. When the DPP took over the prosecution of corporate offenders under the Corporations Law I became the Senior Corporate Prosecutor. I instructed senior counsel and/or appeared in trials on behalf of the Commonwealth. In relation to most matters under my control, I was the advocate during interlocutory hearings.


Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (Sydney)

Proceeds of Crime unit (1997-89)

Principal Legal Officer in the Proceeds of Crime unit, restraining and seeking the confiscation of assets or the forfeiture of property. I appeared on behalf of the Commonwealth in relation to applications for restraining orders. The work involved the interpretation of comparatively new legislation.


Allen Allen & Hemsley

Employed solicitor in the commercial and commercial litigation departments. Areas of work included contractual disputes, employment-related issues, trade practices, defamation and property.

Narrative Background

I was born and raised in Sydney.

I was educated at Shore School where I was a prefect, a CUO, a member of the cricket, athletics & debating teams and captain of the 2nd XV (rugby). I played rugby for Sydney University.

From 1977 to 1982 I was a teacher, at high schools in Australia and England and at a University & Teachers College in Thailand.

I completed a law degree in 1984 and my principal places of employment since that date areas set out above.

I am currently a member of the Board of Edmund Barton Chambers.

Papers & Addresses

I have written papers, delivered addresses and conducted workshops for a number of groups including the DPP (particularly in the area of proceeds of crime), the NSW and WA Police, for CPDS (a Victorian based company which conducts professional development seminars) and Lexis Nexis. Those papers have included:

2002 Legal Drafting Workshop
2005 Advocacy in the Local Court
2005 Criminal Hearings in the Local Court: a workshop
2006 Shared Parenting?
2008 Relocation: a dead duck?