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Allan Blank

Allan Blank practices in the following areas:

  • ADR (nationally accredited mediator)
  • Commercial litigation
  • Strata Disputes
  • Corporations, windings up insolvency & bankruptcy
  • Equity
  • Estates & Probate
  • Competition and Consumer Law (Trade Practices)
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Local Court Criminal matters

He appears in the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Court and Tribunals such as the CTTT and conducts mediations as a nationally accredited mediator.

He was first admitted as a Legal Practitioner in NSW in 1999 and was first admitted to the Bar in 2001. He left the Bar in 2006 to join K.M Harkness & Associates which subsequently merged with E H Tebbutt & Sons. He returned to the Bar in 2010.

He has a wide range of experience and some of his matters are cited in Ritchies (see Adler Mallach Adler Mallach Holdings Pty Limited v Robert Samuel Robertson and Ors [2002] NSWSC; Magera v McIntosh 13/04/05 Campbell J NSWSC 362

He has published articles in the NSW Law Journal:

  • Costs: Recovering Costs from Client-its getting harder all the time
    LSJ Oct 2005 Vol 43 pg 64
  • Owners corporations seeking to recover legal costs
    LSJ Oct 2010 Vol 48 No 9 pg 56

He has presented papers to regional Law Societies, the City of Sydney Law Society and CPDS.
His papers include:

  • Aspects of strata litigation
  • Costs orders against practitioners
  • Setting aside Powers of Attorney

He has recently completed a paper on statutory wills.

He has appeared as a junior with Senior Counsel.

Allan originally hails from South Africa where he was admitted as an attorney in 1992, articled at first tier firm Fluxman Rabinowitz before joining the Johannesburg Bar in 1994.

Whilst requalifying in NSW, Allan worked at Freehills (now Freehills Herbet Smith) in a large scale litigation matter involving Pfizer.

Outside of practising the law, Allan enjoys tennis and running (regularly participating in the City to Surf), cooking and reading.


Education & Professional Admissions


Full LEADR member and Nationally Accredited Mediator


Received practising Certificate as Barrister NSW


Issued with Restricted Practising Certificate as Legal Practitioner NSW Law Society


Received Practising Certificate as Barrister NSW


Admitted as Legal Practitioner of Supreme Court NSW


Admitted as Advocate of Supreme Court of South Africa


Admitted as Attorney of Supreme Court of South Africa


Bachelor of Laws (LLB) University of Witwatersrand


Bachelor of Arts University of Witwatersrand