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Stephen Walsh KC


Admitted barrister and solicitor, Supreme Court (since Admitted WA, NSW, VIC, NT, Tas) Employed Ward & Partners, barristers & solicitors

1975 – 1992

Partner, Ward & Partners, barristers & solicitors

1977 – 1987

Councillor, Kensington Park Ward – Burnside Council, 4 years
Alderman – City of Burnside, 6 years
Chaired Strategy Planning & Policy Committee

1988 – 1995

Elected to Council of Law Society of South Australia


Appointed Queens Counsel


Practising as independent barrister at Edmund Barton Chambers


Qualified as a mediator

1993 – 1994

President, Law Society of South Australia
Law Society Activity

  • Past Chair, Civil Litigation Committee,

  • Past Chair, Mock Trials Committee

  • Past Chair, Law Week Committee

  • Past Member, Executive Committee of Law Society

  • Member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

  • Former Member, Professional Standards Committee

  • Former member, Joint Rules Committee Supreme and District Courts to 2003

  • Past Member, Supreme Court Case Flow Management Committee

  • Former Member, Advocacy Committee

  • Past Member, Litigation Assistance Fund Board

  • Past Member, Supreme Court Board of Examiners

  • Past Member, Administrative Law Association

  • Member, LEADR

  • Member, Law Council of Australia

  • Member, Federal Litigation Section Law Council of Australia

  • Former Member, Justice Administration Foundation

1994 – 2003

Chair: Environment Protection Authority by S.A. Government

2003 – 2004

Board member – EPA

1998 – 2001

Chair, Community Consultation Forum – Olympic Dam
(SA Govt and Federal Govt appointment)

1998 – 2007

President, Institute of Justice Studies, SA


Completed – Advanced Course in Commercial Arbitration and
Alternative Dispute Resolution – University of Adelaide

2000 – 2001

Member Executive, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators – SA Chapter


 Conferred Centenary Medal for services to the community through the law.


Commenced practice – Garfield Barwick Chambers, Sydney and then Edmund Barton Chambers, Sydney from March 2008


Appointed to list of mediators for referral of Supreme Court of New South Wales matters


Appointed Presiding Member, Legal Practitioners Conduct Board

Current Areas of practice include:

Practising as a Barrister primarily, alternative dispute resolution processes in all Australian States and Territories.

Accredited mediator having completed in excess of 1,700 mediations since 1993 in most areas of civil law, including commercial, insurance, building and construction, equity, common law, and professional and product liability, involving disputes in Federal and State courts either pending or anticipated.

Qualified Grade 1 Arbitrator after completing pilot university course in the 1990’s and has conducted numerous arbitrations since that time.

Other processes
Expert determinations and other ADR processes including neutral evaluations and facilitations, particularly in cases of continuing commercial relationships.

Facilitation to assist decision-making by corporations or other bodies against the background of legal issues that might impact on the decision or the process.

Also hybrid processes involving more than one of the above processes and on occasions comprising a panel with one or more experts from other disciplines.

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